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Good health is mankind’s most valuable asset. The human body is indeed a wonder of nature. It is very robust but not infinitely durable. We want our bodies to look great, even be radiant and stay healthy.

Achieving this takes some doing.Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as a relevant traditional component of the old century Asian culture, offers a solid basis for developing products that provide us humans with a sense of wellbeing and support us in keeping our lives in balance, We at Stellame, as believers in TCM, have devoted ourselves to precisely this matter and staged our activities towards developing products, which in alignment with TCM, help people be in harmony with themselves and stay fit.

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In the context of the TCM philosophy detox means “detoxification”. We understand detox as a natural way of keeping the body in balance and or bringing it back into balance. In the narrowest sense, detox means assisting the body in breaking down toxins. This involves boosting metabolism and helping the body either keep or regain its vitality.

Detox can, however, be more than just a bodily mechanism. The regained vitality can also have a “kind of detoxing” effect on other areas of life. Our social environment, professional life and partnerships will also benefit from positive and gentle changes.

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Stress in everyday life makes permanently tired and miserable.
Because beauty and wellbeing come from within, more and more exhausted people go to Wellness spas and take detoxtreatments.

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