How long can I use Stella Me pads?

The pads can be used for any length of time, depending on your sense of physical well-being. The colouring of the pads overnight should decrease after prolonged use. We recommend a course of treatment of 5 nights per month and two 30-day treatments per year.

Are there any side effects?

The pads should not be used by pregnant women and people suffering from heart disease as they can have a very stimulating effect on the human body.

Are Stellame pads a medicinal product?

No, Stella Me pads are not a medicinal product and do not make any promises of healing. 100% natural ingredients are used and with view to the TCM philosophy, can have a health-promoting effect.

Can the pads also be worn during the day?

The pads achieve their full effect when stuck to the soles of the feet overnight. The body regenerates the best overnight, or while we are asleep!

Question not answered?

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